Valentina Segura from Colombia took an online course by UN CC:e-Learn about climate change and cities. At the end of the course, she realized that what was learned during the course could be applied in her work.

Valentina Segura / ©Valentina Segura

Climate change is a reality that we cannot ignore. It is becoming more evident and that is why we must prepare ourselves and contribute to improving our practices to reduce the impact of climate change. UN CC:e-Learn is a great tool, because you can take courses from anywhere and at any time. There is no excuse, we must take action. We need to be aware and apply what we have learned through UN CC:e-Learn in our day to day life.” — Valentina Segura

In early 2017, Valentina Segura took an online course by UN CC:e-Learn about climate change and cities. At the end of the course, she realized that what was learned during the course could be applied in her work.

This is how Valentina started a campaign, based on what she learned throughout the course on climate change and cities. The goal was to reduce the costs and environmental impacts within  Medical Travel International , a company located in Colombia where she has worked for three years. The purpose of the campaign was to also create behavioral change in people about their ideas on climate change. As a result of this project, the company moved to an eco-friendly building. This initiative also resulted in the acquisition of an environmental certificate for the company.

Medical Tourism Award 2017/ ©Valentina Segura

Within five months after starting the course, Valentina received a promotion in her work, where she is now a manager. Her new role not only gave her a monetary bonus but also personal satisfaction. As a manager, she encourages everyone working under her leadership to take a UN CC:e-Learn online course in order to increase awareness on the environmental issues and to use concepts learned to come up with new strategies and innovations towards the reduction of the environmental impact of  Medical Travel International.

Valentina also plans to take another course on human health on UN CC:e-Learn to create a social responsibility campaign and thus contribute to policy improvement.

For Valentina, the course has marked the beginning of a significant change in her daily practices in order to reduce negative impacts on our planet.

I invite everyone to use this great tool [UN CC:e-Learn] to continue learning what climate change is. From our homes, to our places of study or work, or even from an airplane, we can learn to take care of our planet.”

For Valentina, this picture summarizes the values of the company that she works for. It offers its clients wellbeing services and preventive medical care in a peaceful, relaxed, and luxurious environment./©Valentina Segura

Valentina knows that we can no longer deny that climate change is a major problem that needs our urgent attention. The summers are hotter, the droughts are more intense, and these are just some of the symptoms that something is not right with our planet.

I f we learn and understand that our actions can define the future of this threat, we will be ready to change our habits and become more environmentally aware, which will contribute to significantly reducing the impacts of climate change. It is time to act for our planet, to create solutions, to encourage change in our communities. There is no time to waste, we can still leave behind our negative footprint and start thinking about the climate,” she adds .


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