Building our knowledge of climate change requires keeping up with new developments and publications. But there is a vast amount of resources available and sifting through them can be overwhelming. In this section, we offer curated links to many useful platforms and resources created by our partners.


Browse through key publications from UN CC:Learn partners exploring different aspects of climate change.

Learning Platforms

View a selection of learning platforms created by UN and other organizations. These offer a range of courses to help you learn more about climate change.

Good Learning Practices Map

Explore our map of good learning practices highlighting lessons learned and experiences from UN CC:Learn partner countries.

Climate Watch

Get a better understanding of climate change and take effective action by exploring high-quality data and analytical resources provided by the World Resource Institute.

Teal Tool - Climate Data for Everyone

Teal enables you to visually and interactively explore the data on carbon emissions and other climate variables from 1950 to near real time.

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